Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Accepting credit card tips

Tipping is enabled in version 1.4 of Instore, available in the Apple App Store. You will need an active merchant account with one of our integrated processors to accept tips.

Option 1: Customer adds tip at time of payment

  1. To allow a customer to add a tip at time of payment, after swiping the credit card, flip or swivel the iPad to face the customer.
  2. The customer then selects the amount of tip, either by touching one of the suggested tip amounts or typing in the custom tip box. The customer can then sign his or her name on the screen in the signature box.
  3. The customer or cashier touches the Pay bar at the bottom of the page.

Option 2: Add tip to a paid order from earlier in the day

  1. Open the Paid Order tab and select the order which gets the tip.
  2. Touch the button and enter the tip amount. Touch Enter or Save.
  3. Touch Submit tip and enter your unique pin.