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Cash Drawer reporting

Cash Drawers are managed on the Instore app under the   button. You can manage both connected cash drawers and unconnected cash boxes, depending on your setup.

To track cash with Instore,

  1. Make sure you’ve connected your Instore app to the printer or all-in-one device that will fire the cash drawer under Instore Settings
  2. On the Cash Management tab, select Drawers, then Start cash drawer
  3. If you only want to connect a cash drawer and not bother with tracking cash, touch the Don’t track button. In most cases, you’ll want to touch Track, then Next step
  4. Choose hardware allows you to identify the printer for the cash drawer you are connecting to
  5. Choose drawer owner to identify who will be responsible for cash in this drawer
  6. Enter starting cash if your drawer will start with a certain amount of change, then click Start. If not, leave this at $0.00. Instore does require an employee Pin to start and close a cash drawer.

Instore will track cash flows into and out of this drawer until closed out. Note that you can perform No Sales, Paid ins, and Paid outs as necessary.  When you are ready to close out the drawer for the day,

  1. Select the Active drawer then Print summary if you want to check the cash estimate before closing out
  2. Touch Close out drawer to begin the close out process; you’ll be prompted for your Pin
  3. After counting the actual cash in the drawer, enter that amount with any Notes before touching the Enter button
  4. Your cash drawer is closed and a summary can be printed. You can also re-count the cash and re-close the drawer

Cash drawer reports are available for viewing on the Office portal in the Reports section. Here’s a sample Cash Drawer Summary:


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