Help: Troubleshooting

Checking clock-in status

If a staff member is clocked in at the store, you can check his or her clock-in status through the backend.

  1. To check the clock-in status of a staff member, navigate to Employees on the left hand side of your screen.
  2. Making sure your correct location is selected at the top of page, locate the staff member. On top of his or her profile picture, there will be a label that says “Clocked-in” if the staff member is currently clocked in at the location.

Looking at any staff member profile lets you see whether he or she is clocked-in.

As an owner or manager of a location, you can force a clock-out of a staff member with employee permissions by clicking on and locating the green “Clock out” button for a given date. You can then adjust the time period to your liking.