Help: Installation or Setup

Create an item

Items are the individual things that you sell with associated pricing. Items can come in different sizes/flavors/colors.

To create an item, click the Menu tab on the left of your Office dashboard.

  1. Click Add Item from the Menu tab, enter the item name, then select the category the item belongs to from the drop-down bar.
  2. You can click Enter Description if you’d like to describe the item and mark Food Information. This step is optional and is used to educate your cashier about what he or she is selling.
  3. Determine your primary modifiers for the item (size, flavor, color, etc.), and input these in the Sizes and Prices area with associated prices.
  4. Click Add New Size and Price to add up to 6 primary modifiers. Your primary modifier should be whatever requires immediate selection by a cashier when ringing up an item.

Note: once created, items cannot be deleted, but can be re-categorized into the Archive category, which does not appear on Instore.