Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Customizing an item

  1. To customize an item, first place the item on the bill. Once on the bill, touch the item name and you will see a pop-up dialogue box.
  2. From the dialogue box, select the Customization button on the top left of the box. From this tab, you can change the quantity of the item being sold by touching the [-] or [+] buttons. The number in between these two buttons reflects the quantity you will see on the bill. You can go back to the bill at any time by touching outside of the dialogue box. The quantity of the item being sold will appear just to the left of the item name on the bill.
  3. Below the quantity line, you can type in order notes by touching and then typing in the New customization or note box. If the customization has a price, touch the Price box to the right and enter the price. When done, touch Add to bill.
  4. To add pre-set customizations to an item, touch the line beneath the New customization or note box with the pre-set customization listed. When selected, a blue check will appear to the left of the customization. To de-select a customization, touch the selected customization again and the blue check will disappear.

Pre-set and new customizations will appear just below the item on the bill. Any price associated with the customization will appear next to the customization on the bill AND be reflected in the item price on the right side of the bill.