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Offline Processing

Offline Processing allows you to store credit and gift card numbers when you lose Internet connectivity for processing later. This feature uses the same swipe encryption that you currently use while online. Merchants are solely responsible for failed/declined processing. The reasons for a decline are the same as they would be while online, including expired cards, mis-typed cards (for manual card entry), and denials by your processor. We recommend gathering customer information on Offline Processing transactions so you can reach the customer and request a different card if approval is denied. For help recording customer information, refer to this help article.

  1. To activate Offline Processing, go to the Instore Settings tab and select Enable offline card acceptance. You will be prompted to enter your employee Pin and the Journal will store a record of who turned the feature on.
  2. If your tablet is offline, when you swipe or manually enter a credit or gift card, a blue screen will inform you that Internet unavailable at which point you can Keep trying to process for up to 24 hours or Cancel the transaction and ask for another payment tender.
  3. Processing attempts are not made when the iPad is asleep, offline, or the Instore app is not active on the iPad (for example, if you are on the Home screen of the iPad or in another application).
  4. A yellow number badge on the Orders button alerts you to how many Offline Processing orders are active. To manage these orders, touch the Orders button, then touch All to filter to Offline processing orders.
  5. Processing attempts occur automatically every 60 seconds until completed, for up to 24 hours. You can initiate a new attempt by touching the blue Next attempt in __ button.
  6. Offline Processing orders will move to the Paid tab for reporting purposes after payment is completed. A record of the successful transaction will remain on the Processing tab until you File all paid.
  7. When an Offline Processing transaction fails, you can select the transaction on the Processing tab and either Hold the order or Open the order on the Bill Screen to accept a different payment.

Merchants are solely responsible for failed/declined processing. If you do not want Offline Processing enabled, go to the Instore Settings tab and de-select Enable offline card acceptance.


Processing Transactions once you are back online

Once your Internet connection is restored, go back to Settings and deselect Enable offline card acceptance. Instore automatically attempts to process all Offline transactions every 60 second. The Orders tab can be filtered to view all Offline processing orders. Confirm that each transaction goes through, then File all paid.