Help: Installation or Setup

Quickstart Guide

  1. Create an account and follow our guided setup

    Go to and click Create an account with an email and password of your choice. We’ll then prompt you to enter in your store details.

  2. Send yourself a link to the Instore app

    Once your initial setup is complete, click to receive an email that, when opened on your iPad, will help you install the Instore application on the tablet if you haven’t done so already.

  3. Extend Instore

    Visit the Employees page to edit your Owner profile and add staff to your store. Don’t forget to give yourself and your team members a 4-digit PIN and password. Go to the Menu area found at the left side of the screen. Create your first category by clicking . Then, create an item by clicking For guidance, you can first Learn about creating a good menu.

  4. Add taxes

    Within Settings, click Locations and then and input a tax name and amount. You can also turn off Tipping if you don’t plan to accept tips on Instore.

  5. Establish a printer workflow

    Visit the blue Settings gear on the lower left and select Printer Roles. You can set up multiple printer roles to best match your workflow. For guidance, you can read our help article on Advanced Printing.

  6. Order gift cards

    Plastic gift cards can be ordered from PLI, who manufacturers and prints the gift cards on behalf of Instore. Please use the code “Instore” when ordering to ensure compatibility with Instore. To start an order with PLI, contact Jennifer Carter at or (828) 418–8355 to ensure the quickest processing time.

  7. Purchase/lease compatible hardware

    Instore supports a variety of iPads, stands, printers, and cash drawers. Visit our hardware portal to learn more. Your Instore product specialist can build a shopping cart for you.

  8. Connect your credit card reader

    When your credit card reader arrives in the mail, plug your reader into the iPad 30-pin or Lightning connector (depending on your iPad model). We recommend using an iPad stand to secure your iPad. If you have not yet received a card reader, you can input cards manually.

  9. Connect your printer and cash drawer

    Connect your printer to your wireless router with an ethernet cable. Then within Instore, touch the Settings gear on the lower left of the application and touch Printers and cash drawers to search for a printer. Select the printer and rename it if you’d like. You can connect your cash drawer to your printer with an APG MultiPRO cable. If you want onsite help installing your equipment, our partner Boomtown can schedule a technician visit for an additional fee.

  10. Get help

    Within your online dashboard go to the help area by clicking the ? at the bottom left of the screen. You can search for articles or submit messages to us. You can also email us at