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Tracking Daily Deals and Coupons

Using Instore, you can track and use coupons and daily deals from third-party services like Groupon, Google, or LivingSocial. Instore’s reporting feature tracks the amount of redemptions and their net value. This tutorial video shows you how to setup, use, and track a daily deal from Groupon — but you can track offers and services from many other providers.

Video Steps

  1. To track offers from third-party providers, first create the discount on your office backend by clicking the settings gear located at the bottom left of the page.
  2. Click on Discounts. Then, click Add Discount.
  3. Here you can create the offer, discount, coupon, promotion, or daily deal. In the video, we created a Groupon daily deal worth $10.
  4. Once saved, go to your iPad and open Instore. You will update your store data to download the new discount. Tap the settings gear and tap Update tablet data from Office.
  5. When an order is placed, tap Add Discount to display available discounts. Tap the correct discount to apply it to the entire order. You can also apply discounts to single items by tapping the item name. Once the order has been paid, it will be viewable on your office backend.
  6. As you ring up orders with this discount, the office backend collects this information. Go back to your office backend to view this data. Select the time range for the data. Then, scroll down to the Discount Analytic.
  7. Within this analytic for discounts, you can monitor their usage. You can use this information to verify values given by your deal provider and for your internal records.