Using a Dejavoo card terminal

Instore customers with Clearent processing can integrate one or more Dejavoo card terminals to accept EMV (chip) cards as well as NFC (e.g. Apple Pay) payments. These terminals can be used instead of or alongside a Magtek Dynamo card reader. Please speak to your Clearent representative about purchasing a Dejavoo terminal. Once you receive your … Continue reading Using a Dejavoo card terminal

What’s happening with EMV?

EMV or chip-based credit card processing is all over the airwaves right now as the processing industry prepares for the October 2015 liability shift from banks to merchants for fraudulent transactions. At Instore, we’re testing a variety of EMV devices so our merchants will have an option should they choose to support EMV come October. … Continue reading What’s happening with EMV?

Setting Up Credit Card Processing

Instore works with the iDynamo Credit Card Reader. We integrate with two optional payment processors, CardConnect and Clearent, to handle credit card transactions. With integrated processing, you can accept credit cards directly on the register via the integrated card reader. To set up credit card processing with Instore, send a recent card processing statement to … Continue reading Setting Up Credit Card Processing

Gift Cards

Instore uses a plastic-based gift card system designed to be swiped just like a credit card at your point of sale. These cards can double as Rewards cards. Requirements Plastic gift cards should be ordered beforehand using this form. Please request help from our support team if needed. The iDynamo Credit Card Reader is used to … Continue reading Gift Cards

Offline Processing

Offline Processing allows you to store credit and gift card numbers when you lose Internet connectivity for processing later. This feature uses the same swipe encryption that you currently use while online. Merchants are solely responsible for failed/declined processing. The reasons for a decline are the same as they would be while online, including expired … Continue reading Offline Processing

Swiping a card

With the iDynamo Credit Card Reader connected to the iPad, cards can be swiped from either the main Order screen, on the Payment screen after the Pay button has been touched, or on the Split Payment screen after the Split button has been touched. Fully insert the card into the reader with the magnetic strip … Continue reading Swiping a card

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