Gift Cards

Instore uses a plastic-based gift card system designed to be swiped just like a credit card at your point of sale. These cards can double as Rewards cards. Requirements Plastic gift cards should be ordered beforehand using this form. Please request help from our support team if needed. The iDynamo credit card reader is used to … Continue reading Gift Cards

Emailing reports

Many of the reports generated in Instore are used by an accountant or a third party who does not have access to your account. Instead of having to export first, then email as an attachment, Instore can directly email a report for you. To email reports, from the Sales tab in Office, click on any … Continue reading Emailing reports

Checking the total number of transactions and sales

Click the Settings gear at the lower left hand corner of the page. Once the page loads, you will see at the top underneath your name the total number of transactions and sales processed using Instore for all time.

Exporting reports

To export reports, go to the Sales page within your office backend and locate the individual reports on the left side of the screen. Click a report to reveal detailed analytics for that report. Once open, you can click Export. Your data will be exported to a .csv file which can be opened in Excel … Continue reading Exporting reports

Updating your tablet data from Office

Instore 1.4 allows menu changes made in Office to easily transfer to your tablet register. To synchronize the tablet menu with the Office menu, Touch the Settings icon on the bottom left of your register. Touch the Update tablet data from Office button.