Tracking Daily Deals and Coupons

Using Instore, you can track and use coupons and daily deals from third-party services like Groupon, Google, or LivingSocial. Instore’s reporting feature tracks the amount of redemptions and their net value. This tutorial video shows you how to setup, use, and track a daily deal from Groupon — but you can track offers and services … Continue reading Tracking Daily Deals and Coupons

Planning a menu

Instore offers a flexible menu (aka inventory) configuration designed to fit the workflow needs of a variety of businesses. The following explanations will help you create items for sale that are optimized for accurate order taking, inspired upselling, and flawless receipts. Remember that Instore is designed to be flexible, so these suggestions are just a … Continue reading Planning a menu

Creating Discounts

To create a discount, from the Settings tab (blue gear) in Office, click the Discounts button on the top bar. Click Add discount. Give your discount a name in the top box. Select either Percent or Cash discount, then type the associated amount of the discount into the Amount box. At this point, you can … Continue reading Creating Discounts

Adding discounts

To add a discount to an item, Place the item on the bill. Once on the bill, touch the item name and you will see a + Discount button just below. Touch the desired discount. When selected, a blue check will appear to the right of the discount. To de-select a discount, touch the selected … Continue reading Adding discounts