Location Report

The Location Report is available on the Instore app under the   button. This report is used for location-level reporting, similar to the End of Day report on Office. It summarizes fund flows for your various payment types. Use the Location Report if you have more than one Instore terminal and need a cash flow summary across … Continue reading Location Report

How do I change the name of my business?

Navigate to the Settings area of Instore’s Office portal. Click on the Locations tab. Select the location you would like to edit and change the location name. Be sure to save your changes. These changes will be reflected on receipts you print and email at the store once you synchronize Instore at that location.

Creating locations

Locations are created on the Office portal. Each location is a store. It can have its own unique menu, taxation and employees. Create as many locations as you like. Your first location will be created during the account creation process. You can view the location details by clicking on the blue Settings gear on the … Continue reading Creating locations

Updating the menu on your iPad

When you make changes to your menu on the online backend, you can upload those changes to your iPad. To upload your menu to the iPad, click the Settings gear on your iPad. Tap Update tablet data from Office. Your menu, tax, and location changes will now synchronize and upload to the iPad.

Setting Store Time Zone

To set a store time zone, login to your office backend and go to the settings page by clicking the gear at the bottom left of your page. Click Locations at the top of the page. When the new page loads, you will see a list of all your locations with your currently selected location … Continue reading Setting Store Time Zone

Change business name

To change the name of your business, go to the Settings area by clicking the blue gear at the bottom left of the page. Click the Locations button at the top of the page, your list of locations appear below. Click Edit this location and locate the input for Store name to change your business … Continue reading Change business name