Tracking Daily Deals and Coupons

Using Instore, you can track and use coupons and daily deals from third-party services like Groupon, Google, or LivingSocial. Instore’s reporting feature tracks the amount of redemptions and their net value. This tutorial video shows you how to setup, use, and track a daily deal from Groupon — but you can track offers and services … Continue reading Tracking Daily Deals and Coupons


Instore tracks the units sold of each item or customization on your menu. You can use these numbers to compare to your own set of stock and par values for your store. To view your item or customization sold units, click the Sales tab on the left of your office dashboard. On the left hand … Continue reading Inventory

How do I delete an item?

When you create an item on your menu, Instore has an Archive feature that lets you remove the item but still keep a copy of it within your account. This is useful for seasonal items. Instore currently does not allow an item to be completely deleted from a menu. Once an item is archived, it is no … Continue reading How do I delete an item?