Tracking inventory

Instore Pro customers can track inventory levels against target quantities to help keep items in stock. Below we summarize the three key parts of tracking inventory: setting initial inventory levels, receiving/adjusting inventory, and inventory reporting. Setting initial inventory levels Navigate to your Items tab on Office and select the first item you want to track Under Pricing, select the … Continue reading Tracking inventory

Customer Database

Instore allows you to track customers in your own Customer Database, with little to no work required by your employees. Your Customer Database allows you to: Market your business by emailing more receipts (and save paper in the process). Instore now remembers email addresses, so you’ll find it easier to send receipts digitally. Open tabs with the … Continue reading Customer Database


Instore tracks the units sold of each item or customization on your menu. You can use these numbers to compare to your own set of stock and par values for your store. To view your item or customization sold units, click the Sales tab on the left of your office dashboard. On the left hand … Continue reading Inventory