Location Report

The Location Report is available on the Instore app under the   button. This report is used for location-level reporting, similar to the Profit & Loss report on Office. It summarizes fund flows for your various payment types. Use the Location Report if you have more than one Instore terminal and need a cash flow summary across … Continue reading Location Report

Tracking employee tips

Attach employees to new orders in one of two ways Set a cashier on the Timeclock tab of the Instore application. This employee will be attached to all orders processed on the device unless a Server is assigned directly on a specific order. This method is recommended when employees use their own iPad exclusively. On the bill … Continue reading Tracking employee tips

Merging customer records

As your Instore customer database grows, you will occasionally create duplicate entries for a single customer. This can happen when a customer uses a new credit card that does not get associated with their existing account or signs up for Rewards with a different email address. To merge duplicate customer records, Click on the Customer Database tab … Continue reading Merging customer records

Rewards Cards

Rewards Cards can be issued to Rewards program members. The cards double as gift cards, although a balance is not required. To issue a Rewards card, Start with an unloaded Instore Gift Card. Order Instore gift cards here. On the Bill Screen, Swipe the Card, then either search for an existing customer account or + Add new … Continue reading Rewards Cards

Instore Rewards

Instore Rewards is a groundbreaking loyalty program designed to improve your relationship with customers and inspire them to spend more with you. As a merchant, you will enrich your customer database with customer contact information, stored credit and gift cards, and order history, all with minimal effort. You will enjoy delighted customers and more repeat visits. To … Continue reading Instore Rewards

What does Instore cost?

Instore has a monthly fee to use starting at $39. The fee is based on the number of locations using Instore, terminals per location, and which version (Terminal or Pro) of Instore you will be using. Consult a product specialist (855-568-3696, x1) to determine specific pricing based on your business needs. Instore has a 7-day free … Continue reading What does Instore cost?

Updating your tablet data from Office

Instore 1.4 allows menu changes made in Office to easily transfer to your tablet register. To synchronize the tablet menu with the Office menu, Touch the Settings icon on the bottom left of your register. Touch the Update tablet data from Office button.


Tips can be added after an order is paid on the paid orders section of Instore. To add a tip after an order is paid, find the order under the Paid Orders area of Instore on the iPad. When you open the order, locate the payment method you would like to add a tip to … Continue reading Tips

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