Payment Method Restrictions

Instore allows you to restrict which payment methods are possible on your register. Specifically, you can prevent access to Cash as a payment method as well as Other payment methods. If you allow customers to order on your Instore register directly, without supervision, you might consider using these restrictions to ensure you get paid for … Continue reading Payment Method Restrictions

What is Cash Discount?

Instore offers a feature called Cash Discount, allowing our merchants to share processing fees with their customers. Cash Discount is legal thanks to the Durbin Amendment, part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Bill. How Cash Discount works We add a service fee to every transaction 3.0%-4.0% for average ticket above $15 40c-60c for average ticket below $15 Customers who … Continue reading What is Cash Discount?

Instore Reports

Here’s a brief summary of each Instore report and its value. Daily Performance report The Daily Performance report is the first report you see when logging into our Office portal, under Reports/Daily Performance. It’s a great dashboard for your business, highlighting sales for the day, clocked in employees, labor cost and cost of goods, as … Continue reading Instore Reports

Cash Drawer management

Cash Drawers are managed on the Instore app under the   button. You can manage both connected cash drawers and unconnected cash boxes, depending on your setup. To track cash with Instore, Make sure you’ve connected your Instore app to the printer or all-in-one device that will fire the cash drawer, under Settings  – Receipt printers. Help connecting … Continue reading Cash Drawer management

Connection Status light

Instore includes a Connection Status light on the bottom left of your Instore app to alert you when your iPad’s connectivity is compromised. The light is designed to alert you if your Internet connection fails or slows down, if a piece of hardware disconnects (printer, card reader, scanner), or if the tablet is not syncing … Continue reading Connection Status light

Instore Rewards

Instore Rewards is a groundbreaking loyalty program designed to improve your relationship with customers and inspire them to spend more with you. As a merchant, you will enrich your customer database with customer contact information, stored credit and gift cards, and order history, all with minimal effort. You will enjoy delighted customers and more repeat visits. To … Continue reading Instore Rewards

Using Instore to cut costs

Using Instore and the online backend, you can lower the costs it takes to run your business with data export, employee hours, and online promotions. Data Export Instead of using an accountant, you can simply export your data from within your Office portal and import into your favorite accounting tool like Xero, Quickbooks, or Mint. … Continue reading Using Instore to cut costs

Buying Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards on Instore are free to swipe and free to use. You only pay for the cost of printing the actual gift cards. Below are the costs for the most common gift card packages. All gift cards are manufactured by PLI, our official gift card manufacturer. Each card is printed on laminated 30mm PVC … Continue reading Buying Gift Cards