Running payroll

If you are using Instore to track employee time, running payroll is easy. Follow these simple steps: Navigate to Employees/Payroll on your Office portal Adjust the filters at the top of this report to the time frame you want to run payroll for, then click Apply. Note that you can also filter by location and … Continue reading Running payroll

Servers (or Cashiers) Report

The Servers Report is available on the Instore app under the   button. This report provides employee-level reporting, and is helpful for businesses that track sales and tips by employee. Use the Servers Report when you need to close out a server’s shift, making sure open tables are closed or transferred and tips have been added. The report … Continue reading Servers (or Cashiers) Report

Cash Drawer management

Cash Drawers are managed on the Instore app under the   button. You can manage both connected cash drawers and unconnected cash boxes, depending on your setup. To track cash with Instore, Make sure you’ve connected your Instore app to the printer or all-in-one device that will fire the cash drawer, under Settings  – Receipt printers. Help connecting … Continue reading Cash Drawer management

Tracking inventory

Instore Pro customers can track inventory levels against target quantities to help keep items in stock. Below we summarize the three key parts of tracking inventory: setting initial inventory levels, receiving/adjusting inventory, and inventory reporting. Setting initial inventory levels Navigate to your Items tab on Office and select the first item you want to track Under Pricing, select the … Continue reading Tracking inventory

Connection Status light

Instore includes a Connection Status light on the bottom left of your Instore app to alert you when your iPad’s connectivity is compromised. The light is designed to alert you if your Internet connection fails or slows down, if a piece of hardware disconnects (printer, card reader, scanner), or if the tablet is not syncing … Continue reading Connection Status light

Barcode scanning

Instore offers integrated barcode scanning, enabling you to scan items with 1D barcodes at your point of sale, automatically populating the bill screen. Buy Supported Hardware We currently support three scanners, a built-in scanner on the Elo Paypoint device, a cabled scanner to the Star mPOP, and a mobile scanner, the Socket Mobile 7Ci, all available … Continue reading Barcode scanning

Rewards Cards

Rewards Cards can be issued to Rewards program members. The cards double as gift cards, although a balance is not required. To issue a Rewards card, Start with an unloaded Instore Gift Card. Order Instore gift cards here. On the Bill Screen, Swipe the Card, then either search for an existing customer account or + Add new … Continue reading Rewards Cards

Instore Rewards

Instore Rewards is a groundbreaking loyalty program designed to improve your relationship with customers and inspire them to spend more with you. As a merchant, you will enrich your customer database with customer contact information, stored credit and gift cards, and order history, all with minimal effort. You will enjoy delighted customers and more repeat visits. To … Continue reading Instore Rewards

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