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8 Benefits of an iPad POS

Are you still banging around with a clunky cash register or traditional POS terminal? It’s time to enter the 21st century with a sleek iPad POS system: With the global market for mPOS systems estimated at almost $49 billion by 2023, you don’t want to be left behind.

Why are so many restaurants and other small businesses adopting iPad POS systems? It’s not for looks alone, as these systems offer superior ease of use, mobility, and better customer service. Here are eight benefits of an iPad POS that you might not have thought of.

1. Easier onboarding

Today’s employees, particularly the younger generation, are used to the simplicity of an iPad interface. That means you can say goodbye to lengthy training sessions; most employees will be up and running after a 10-minute tutorial, keeping training costs to a minimum.

2. Better customer service

There are numerous ways that an iPad POS can improve customer service. With tableside ordering and paying, there is no more waiting for the server to disappear with a credit card, then get waylaid by another customer needing a refill.

It allows staff to share information throughout the operation so that the cook knows about that food allergy, too, or even just a request for salad dressing on the side. Splitting checks is a breeze; and, in today’s sustainability conscious environment, most customers prefer the eco-friendly factor of an e-receipt — easier for their tax records too!

3. Improved data

When your data from loyalty programs and gift cards are integrated in one system, it’s so much easier to access meaningful information about your customers—and that makes it easier for them to redeem their loyalty points or track their gift card usage. With an iPad POS, details on customer buying habits and traffic patterns are all at your fingertips.

4. Workflow management

An iPad POS can help you manage your staff hours and productivity through automated clock-in and clock-out functions and logs of which employees are selling what. Is one of your staff doing a stellar job of upselling? Through mobile records you can notice and reward them. The iPad POS can also be used to communicate with employees, alerting them to marketing missives, menu revisions, and other messages or updates you’d like them to have.

5. Instant inventory management

Had a run on coffees with almond milk? Rather than risk running low on a key ingredient, you can rely on an iPad POS to track inventory simply and transparently. Having automated measures at hand means that you won’t disappoint customers by not having enough of a coveted menu item—or waste ingredients by purchasing ones you don’t need.

6. Cost savings

Start-up costs for an iPad POS are minimal, but you’ll save costs over the life of the system because of—again—that great data. Staffing and inventory decisions are made easier when you can easily do a deep dive into your store’s data, which is automatically tracked on the iPad POS. And of course, you’ll save money on ink, printer paper and maintenance costs.

7. Happier staff because… bigger tips

Anecdotal evidence suggests that customers are apt to provide a bigger tip when prompted and when the system does the math for them, like an iPad POS will.

8. Cool factor

We couldn’t overlook this one. All of us have experienced the feeling of gliding into a chic boutique with no hardware marring its “look.” With an iPad POS, that aesthetic will be yours.

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