As a baker, you prefer to spend your time bringing bite-sized joy to the lives of your customers. You need a bakery POS system that manages the business side of things and puts more money in your pocket each month. Learn what Instore can do for you.


What are you doing to get existing customers back in? How are you marketing to new customers? Instore helps you run, promote, and track marketing initiatives, hassle-free.

Bakery POS custom receipt


Create specials in seconds that can be applied to items or entire checks, then track how your promotions perform.


Customize emailed and printed receipts are great marketing opportunities to encourage a return visit.


Make upselling a required part of your workflow to increase ticket size and profit.



“My Team LOVES Instore. The ability to directly engage the customer combined with Instore’s ease of use has increased our tips by 400%.”

Lacey Reichwald

Customer retention

Returning customers are your most profitable. Let Instore manage, reward, and delight them for you. Gain insights on repeat visits that you never had before. Does your bakery POS do that?

Bakery POS customer record

Bakery POS order ticket

Workflow efficiency

How often are mistakes made on your point of sale? Lost orders, wrong orders, not upselling, not charging for add-ons? Let Instore help you reduce mistakes, upsell, and improve customer satisfaction, making more money while you are at it.

Labor management

How do you handle timekeeping today? Do you track employee performance? Instore saves you time and money while managing your employees more effectively.

Bakery POS labor report

Bakery POS multi-location interface

Multi-location management

Manage multiple locations from a single, intuitive interface. Add new locations to Instore in seconds with the confidence to make them successful quickly.