The bar business thrives on throughput: getting customers in the door, serving them quickly, and making sure they come back. Learn how Instore helps you do all of these things and more!

Workflow efficiency

What if your servers could take orders and payment anywhere in the bar, wirelessly printing receipts from your bar POS? Let Instore help you increase throughput, upsell, and improve customer satisfaction, making more money while you are at it.

Bar POS order ticket

Speed up

Accept cash, credit, gift, really any payment type everywhere inside and outside your bar.

Eliminate mistakes

Print perfect drink tickets to avoid bartender confusion while making sure you get paid for add-ons.

Group selling

Take an order in one part of the bar, accept payment in another. Work together to maximize customer satisfaction.

“Instore combines powerful software well-matched to our workflow with incredible design that complements our bespoke image.”

Dave Warner

Bar POS custom receipt


What are you doing to get existing customers back in? How are you marketing to new customers? Instore helps you run, promote, and track marketing initiatives, hassle-free.

Labor management

How do you handle timekeeping today? Do you track employee performance? Instore saves you time and money while managing your employees more effectively.

bar pos labor management

bar pos multi-location management

Multi-location management

Manage multiple locations from a single, intuitive interface. Add new locations to Instore in seconds with the confidence to make them successful quickly.

Payments and tips

What if you could take payment anywhere in your bar, with or without Internet connectivity? Instore is a payment maestro, increasing throughput and tips with our unique tipping flow. The result? Happy customers and happier employees.