Restaurant owners know that loyal customers are your most valuable asset. In a competitive market, consumers have lots of choices, which means you need a strategy that delights and rewards your best customers for their loyalty. Here’s how Instore’s restaurant POS can help.

Customer retention

Returning customers are your most profitable. Let Instore manage, reward, and delight them for you. Gain insights on repeat visits that you never had before. Does your restaurant POS do that?

restaurant POS customer record

Customer database

Leave the customer tracking to us and know a lot about everyone who walks in your restaurant.


Reward customers for what they spend, magically and painlessly without slowing your payment workflow.

Stored value accounts

Allow customers to create stored value accounts and pay by name, inspiring frequent visits.

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“ Before switching to Instore, customer tracking was difficult at best. Now we know our customers better and are able to reward the best ones profitably and easily.”

Dave Nibley

restaurant POS tip flow

Payments and tips

What if you could take payment anywhere in your restaurant, with or without Internet connectivity? Do you sell Gift Cards? Instore is a payments maestro, increasing throughput and tips with our unique tipping flow. Join Instore and enjoy happy customers and happier employees.

Labor management

How do you handle timekeeping today? Does your restaurant POS track employee performance and labor costs? Instore saves you time and money while managing your employees more effectively.

restaurant POS labor tracking

Restaurant POS custom receipt


What are you doing to get existing customers back in? How are you marketing to new customers? Instore helps you run, promote, and track marketing initiatives, hassle-free.

Workflow efficiency

How often are mistakes made on your restaurant POS? Lost orders, wrong orders, not upselling, not charging for add-ons? Let Instore help you reduce mistakes, upsell, and improve customer satisfaction, making more money while you are at it.

Restaurant POS order ticket

Restaurant POS multi-location labor management

Multi-location management

Manage multiple locations, including franchises, from a single, intuitive interface. Add new locations to Instore in seconds with the confidence to make them successful quickly. Experience a restaurant POS designed by a multi-location restaurant operator.