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Creating Excellent Customer Service Experiences in 3 Simple Steps

Keeping your customer happy is everything, and in a world where customers are plugged into the instant gratification of technology, that happiness often depends on efficient and effective interactions with your team. These days, the key question has shifted from “Can you help me?” to “Can you help me now?”

Mobile POS systems help you meet the needs of today’s demanding consumer by facilitating outstanding, efficient customer service. Here are three easy ways you can up your customer-service game, with help from your mPOS.

Step 1: Recognize that your customer has a need, and meet it

Thanks to the influx of mobile technology, smart-phone savvy customers expect to pay for what they want, the way they want, when they want it. With your mPOS, you can offer just that. mPOS allows your sales team to conduct transactions using a number of payment types, including credit cards, EMV, and mobile wallets.

Your team can also answer questions about the product on the floor, often interacting with the customer while she is interacting with the product. Got a question about pricing and availability? Thanks to the system’s link to your inventory management database, you can answer it immediately without leaving the customer’s side. Your team can also offer up-sell and complementary items to increase the sale.

Best of all, mPOS allows you to “line-bust” by quickly facilitating purchases through mobile cashiers. Busy day? mPOS allows you to add as many mobile cashiers as you need to get that line moving and your busy customers happily on their way.

Step 2: Get personal

Customers aren’t just looking for a product or service, they are looking for an experience. Make sure it is a positive one. One study found that for 69% of respondents, the most important piece of great customer service was a timely response to their concerns. Similarly, 72% blamed defined bad customer service as having to explain their problem to multiple people. With a mobile solution, your team has the tools to avoid these customer service pitfalls.

mPOS allows you to approach customers on the floor and help them right away. The device is a resource to your support staff that keeps them there interacting with the customer while also retrieving the necessary information to resolve their problem. Have a customer sensitive to certain food ingredients? Your team can confirm the contents right at the table on their mPOS. Long lines? Dispatch more sales consultants with mPOS and cut through that line in no time. Have a return item? Your team can process it immediately, right on the floor. Not only do your customers avoid a long return line at the register, but you avoid stressful back-ups for your cashiers and you’re able to talk with the customer about the reason for the return.

Additionally, mPOS gets your team out and about, interacting with customers, enabling them to provide old-school levels of customer service and face to face engagement, and ultimately facilitating the kind of fluid and helpful customer service that data shows encourages more buying.

Step 3: Go above and beyond

Delight your customers by doing more than they expect. As previously noted, mPOS can help you cut wait times by providing mobile “cashiers” to facilitate sales. It can allow your team to process returns without clogging register lines. And in addition to these time-savers, it can also improve your relationship with your customers by allowing you to create tailor-made loyalty or rewards programs that you can offer to your customers in the moment. Offer email receipts and use mPOS to gather information about your customers for incentive programs by email, building your database with valuable client data.

With these and many other customer-service perks, mPOS allows you to craft a customer service response that addresses the needs of today’s busy, tech-savvy consumer. It keeps your transactions moving swiftly; provides more helpful, people-based interactions; and helps make sure a customer becomes a repeat customer by making it easy for your team to add names to loyalty programs and email lists. Once you try a mobile point of sale solution, you’ll wonder how you ever kept your customers happy without it.

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