Bar tender pouring a cocktail

4 Ways mPOS is Revolutionizing Bars and Clubs

It’s the classic nightlife Catch-22—your establishment is the “it” place to be. But with popularity comes big problems for your customers: It’s so crowded that your patrons can’t get a drink, or the service is frazzled and unreliable.

This is the kind of experience that deters patrons from coming back to your nightspot. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The bar business thrives on throughput: getting folks in fast, taking their orders swiftly, and encouraging them to return. A simple mPOS system can eliminate many of the hassles that seem inherent to nightlife partying, letting your customers have a better time, spend more money, and interact positively with your staff.

Customer-focused waitstaff

An mPOS system, first and foremost, allows for mobile transactions at the table, on the patio, or even on the dance floor. No longer will your bar area be hopelessly clogged with patrons and waitstaff waiting to give or receive drink orders. Arm your staff with mPOS technology and have them fan out around the bar or nightclub, taking orders on their glowing iPads to be immediately sent to the bartender. Customers will appreciate the faster and more convenient ordering process that mPOS allows, and this will translate into more drink and food sales.

Weird drink order? No problem!

An mPOS device in the hands of your waitstaff can mean even the most peculiar drink order is pulled off flawlessly. On mPOS, your staff can confirm which ingredients are available or not—updated by the kitchen and bar in real-time—and type in special directions before sending the order on. Too loud to hear the order accurately? Use simple icons or ingredient lists on the mPOS that your wait staff can show to the customer. The customer can confirm or change any of the details on the touch screen before the order is sent in by the staff, cutting down on drink order mistakes, bartender confusion and returns. You’ll also make sure that you’re getting paid for all those quirky add-ons.

Faster service

One of the key benefits of an mPOS system is immediate ordering. It speeds up the entire process. As soon as your staff completes the order and sends it on, it appears on the bartender or kitchen side in a perfectly accurate drink ticket. Staff can stay out on the floor drumming up more sales and making sure customers are happy. You can even take an order from one side of the bar, and take a payment from the other side—working effortlessly within group dynamics to make things flow smoothly for everyone.

Better tips

Last but certainly not least, keep your waitstaff compensated for all of their hard work with an mPOS system that makes tipping easy. Your mPOS devices can be used to accept payment for drinks upon delivery, ensuring the correct checks go to the correct table and that your staff isn’t stiffed should the night get busy.

But the benefits of mPOS payments aren’t only on the staff side. Customers appreciate the convenience of an mPOS system because it’s clear and quick—just a swipe of a card or scan of a chip and the transaction is complete. Built-in tip options (typically by percentage of sale) will prompt every customer to give a little extra to your waitstaff. The easy tip options often increase the amount and frequency of tips, which of course helps to keep your entire team happy.

Photo copyright: star5112 by CC BY 2.0