Help: Installation or Setup

Advanced Printing

Instore allows you to direct specific items to specific printers. For example, all drinks can be routed to a Bar printer and all food can be routed to a Kitchen printer. In addition, order ticket printing can be set to automatically occur whenever an order is held.

Here’s how to take advantage of Advanced Printing:

  1. On the Office portal, go to Settings/Printer Roles. Each location has Customer Receipt and Kitchen printer roles set up by default. Customer Receipt cannot be edited, but you can Edit the Kitchen printing settings or create new roles.
  2. To set up additional printer roles, click Add Printer Role, name the role, and determine if you want printing to occur After Payment or After Hold. After Payment will print an order ticket only after payment has occurred. After Hold will print order tickets any time items are added to a bill and then held. Only newly added items will print on the order ticket.
  3. When you are satisfied with your Printer Roles, move to the Menu area of Office. When you click on an Item name, you’ll see a series of check boxes to select Where should this item print?, listing all the Printer Roles you just created. Every item priced above $0 will automatically print to the Customer Receipt printer. Check the boxes of any additional Printer Role(s) that you want the item printing to.
  4. Log-in to Instore on your iPad and touch Download changes from Office on the Settings tab to make sure the Printer Roles are synchronized.
  5. Touch Printers and cash drawers. Instore will discover any printers on your network. If you are having trouble discovering printers, refer to this article for troubleshooting tips.
  6. Select your first printer. You can name the printer (to help you identify it in the future) then decide which Printer Roles to assign, under Automatic printing. To assign a role, simply flip the Automatic printing switch to green.
  7. If the printer you are assigning has a cash drawer attached and you’d like to use the drawer with this iPad, touch the Use this cash drawer switch.
  8. Follow these steps with all other printers on your network. Note that printers can be assigned multiple roles (eg Customer Receipt and Kitchen).