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Attaching Servers to orders

Servers can be attached to orders in two ways

  1. Set a cashier on the Time Tracking tab of the Instore application. This cashier will be attached to all orders processed on the device unless a Server is assigned directly on a specific order.
  2. On the bill screen, touch the Server button on the top left and select the server name you’d like to assign to the order.

To change a cashier that has already been set,

    1. Go to the Time Tracking tab of the Instore application.
    2. Touch the Remove ___ as cashier button on the top right of the screen. You will need to enter the pin code for the previous cashier before going through the steps above to set a new cashier.

When servers are assigned to orders, you can sort orders on the Orders tab by server name. Instore will also record sales by employee, a report of which can be viewed on Office.

You can require a server be added to every order by checking the box under Settings/Locations on Office.