Help: Installation or Setup

Barcode scanning

Instore offers integrated barcode scanning, enabling you to scan items with 1D barcodes at your point of sale, automatically populating the bill screen.

    1. Buy Supported Hardware
      We currently support three scanners, a built-in scanner on the Elo Paypoint device, a cabled scanner to the Star mPOP, and a mobile scanner, the Socket Mobile 7Ci, all available for purchase on our hardware portal. Note that the 7Ci is a Bluetooth (wireless) scanner that connects to one iPad at a time. If you plan to scan barcodes on multiple terminals, you’ll need to purchase one scanner per terminal. You can also purchase a barcode label printer, the DYMO Labelwriter 450, if you need to print your own barcodes.
    2. Input Your Barcodes
      After acquiring your scanner, you’ll need to add barcode numbers to items you sell in Office. Login to the Office portal, select Items, then choose the Item you want to add a barcode to. Under Pricing, the Barcode number can be added to the drop-down screen after clicking the More button.
      Note: for large uploads of item barcodes, Instore Support can assist you. Contact us at 855-568-3696 x2 for help.
    3. Sync Your Tablet(s)
      After adding barcodes to your items, you’ll need to Download changes from Office under Settings on your Instore app to synchronize the changes. Also note that barcode scanning only works on Instore 1.40 or later.
    4. Connect Your Scanner
      The Socket scanner connects to your iPad via Bluetooth. Note that it can only connect to one iPad at a time. To connect,

      • Power on the scanner
      • Scan this barcode to put the scanner in iOS Mode.
        If your scanner cannot pick up this barcode on your screen, print out this page and scan the paper copy.
      • On your iPad, open the grey Settings app search (from the Home screen) and navigate to Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth so your iPad can discover the scanner.
      • Hold down both buttons on the scanner until you hear two ascending beeps, meaning the scanner is in pairing mode. If you hear 3 descending beeps, release the buttons and hold them down again until your hear 2 beeps.
      • You should soon see the scanner show up under Devices on your iPad Bluetooth Settings. Select Socket CHS and wait until you see Connected next to the device on the iPad Bluetooth Settings.IMG_9864
      • Navigate back to the Instore app on your iPad. After a few seconds, you’ll hear a single beep on the scanner to confirm that Instore recognizes the connected scanner.
    5. Start Scanning
      You are now ready to scan! On the bill screen, scan any barcode and the item will be added to the bill. If Instore does not recognize the barcode, an Unknown Barcode message will pop up, listing the barcode you actually scanned. You can check this barcode against the number listed under the Item on Office. Touch Search Menu if you’d like to find the item by Name or Barcode Number.

IMG_0178 (1)


Troubleshooting Tips

  • If your iPad loses connectivity with the barcode scanner, you’ll hear a second, sad beep after scanning an item. Follow Step 4 above to re-connect the scanner. Note that it helps to “Forget” the scanner under your Bluetooth settings before re-connecting.
  • Scanning only works on an active Bill Screen.
  • The barcode(s) associated with an Item are visible on the Instore app on the Description tab, accessed by a long press of any item name.