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What is Cash Discount?

Instore offers a feature called Cash Discount, allowing our merchants to share processing fees with their customers. Cash Discount is legal thanks to the Durbin Amendment, part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Bill. Studies show that implementing Cash Discount has no negative effect on your business, and in fact 99.2% of customers don’t even notice it.

How Cash Discount works

  1. We add a service fee to every transaction
    • 3.99% for average ticket above $15
    • 60c for average ticket below $15
  2. Customers who pay by cash, check, or gift card receive an instant discount equal to the service fee, building loyalty
  3. Collected service fees cover your processing costs
  4. We can also deduct processing fees from tips before payout

To sign up for Cash Discount, you’ll need to modify your merchant services agreement to establish a flat rate that we’ll pass through to your customers. Call (855-568-3696 x1) or email for more info.

Still not convinced? Watch this video from our partner Clearent to learn more.


  • All fees and discounts must be clearly listed on receipts
  • Advertise your Cash Discount program at point of sale