Help: Troubleshooting

Charger Problems

Customers with newer iPad models may experience failures with their USB charging cable when connected through their iDynamo card reader. The iPad doesn’t charge despite the cable being properly attached. This problem is due to the iPad’s high power requirements not being met by the charger. To rectify the problem,

  1. Check that you are using a 2 amp charger. iPads come with the larger, 2 amp chargers. iPhones and other devices often have 1 amp chargers.
  2. Reduce the power usage on your iPad. Close apps other than Instore and reduce screen brightness to 75%. You can check which apps are hogging the most power under iPad Settings/General/Usage/Battery Usage.
  3. Check that your charging cable is certified to 2 amps or higher. You can purchase high quality replacement cables here. We also recommend magnetic break-away cables like these to prevent reader damage.