Help: Hardware

Connecting your cash drawer

Most automatic cash drawer models are compatible with the Instore system. The cash drawer connects directly to one of your receipt printers. Depending on the cash drawer model type, this connection is made via a cable with appropriate end-points, typically RJ45 on one side and landline telephone on the other. Multi-purpose cables like the APG Cash Drawer MultiPRO CD-005A are effective at bridging the difference between various cash drawer models.

If you have multiple printers and/or multiple cash drawers, you can choose which cash drawer you want each iPad to open by going to Settings/Printers and cash drawers and selecting the printer with the desired cash drawer attached. Touch the Use this cash drawer switch. It requires a Pin Code and records this cash drawer connection in the Journal for security purposes.

Once you start generating orders on Instore, the system will automatically open the cash drawer at the end of each order. The drawer can also be opened in the Cash Drawer tab of the Instore application. Employees must enter their pin code to open the drawer and all openings will be recorded in the Journal.