Help: Installation or Setup

Create an item

Items are the individual things that you sell with associated pricing. Items can come in different Sizes and be modified in multiple ways.

To create an Item, click the Items tab on your Office dashboard.

  1. Click Create Item, enter the Item name, select the Category the Item belongs to (or create a new Category).
  2. You can enter a Description if you’d like to describe the Item and mark Food Information as appropriate. This step is optional and is used to educate your cashier about what he or she is selling.
  3. Determine how you will price the Item, with either a Pre-Set price, have the Cashier enter the price, or Sell by Weight
  4. If the Item comes in different Sizes, add those next. You can also click the More button and add Cost information, a Barcode number, and inventory tracking detail
  5. If the Item requires modification, either search for an existing Group Modifier or create a new group. For more info on Group Modifiers, read this article.
  6. Decide other details like whether the Item needs a special tax rate (if not, ignore this), which printer(s) it should print to, and whether it earns Reward Points.
  7. Click Save.

Note: once created, items cannot be deleted, but can be marked Inactive, so they will not appear on your active Menu.

For a video tutorial, click here