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Creating Discounts

  1. To create a discount, navigate to the Promotions tab in Office, then click the Discounts button on the top bar.
  2. Click
  3. Give your discount a name in the top box.
  4. Type the discount value in the Amount box, using a $-sign before (for cash discounts) or %-sign after (for percent discounts). Leave the box empty to create a flexible discount that the cashier will enter at point of sale.
  5. Check which location(s) the discount will be available at.
  6. Type in a Description to help your staff understand the purpose for the discount.

Once you’ve created a basic discount above, you can use the additional tools below to customize your discount further.

  1. Determine if this will be a manual discount or automatic discount.
    • Manual discounts can be applied on demand by a staff member, with a PIN requirement if you desire
    • Automatic discounts will be applied automatically to some or all items, no PIN required. Be sure to select which days and times this discount is valid.
  2. Give the discount a Time Frame. If it never expires, select Ongoing, otherwise select Temporary and pick a date range.
  3. Decide if the discount can be combined with other discounts or can only be used once per bill. Note that Reward Credit discounts are always combinable.

Finally, click Save to make it active. Remember to touch Download changes from Office on your Instore app to sync your new discount with the POS. Discounts can be manually added at the bill or item level. To add a bill level discount, touch the Order # on the bill screen, then +Discount. To add an item level discount, touch the item line on the bill screen, then +Discount.