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Delayed Processing

Delayed Processing allows you to store credit and gift card numbers when real-time authorization is not possible. This feature comes in handy when you lose Internet connectivity or your card processor is experiencing problems. This feature uses the same swipe encryption that you use while online and only works on swipe (not manual) transactions. Merchants are solely responsible for failed/declined processing. The potential for a decline are the same as they would be while online, including expired cards, cards with insufficient credit, and other denials by your processor.

To activate Delayed Processing,

  1. Touch the Instore Settings tab and turn on the feature (green means on). We recommend setting up Permissions around Delayed Processing to control who can activate this feature. Learn about Permissions here.
  2. Once Delayed Processing in activated, Instore will attempt to authorize cards as they are swiped. If authorization fails, a blue screen will appear explaining the authorization failure and, if the reason for failure is valid, asks if you’d like to store the payment attempt for retry later. Touch Store payment attempt.
  3. At this point the order is stored on the Orders tab as a Held order with Delayed payment. You have 72 hours to retry the payment. Note: you need to initiate additional payment attempts; Instore will not do this automatically. Instore will highlight in red orders with delayed payments in danger of expiring. The red number alert on the Orders icon indicates how many delayed payments are at risk. 
  4. If you want to review all delayed payment transactions, touch the All button at the top of the Orders page then filter by Tabs & delayed payments. You can even sort by your oldest Held orders to see which payments are most at risk.
  5. To retry a Delayed payment order, find it on the Orders tab and touch the order line to open. Touch the Retry button on the Bill screen and follow the prompts. If the payment is authorized, you will see Approved and the order will automatically move into Paid status. If authorization fails, it will remain a Delayed payment order and can be retried later.
  6. If you’d like to remove a delayed payment from an order and move it back to held status, open the order, click Pay on the Bill screen, then Discard payment.


Merchants are solely responsible for failed/declined processing.

We recommend gathering customer information on Delayed Processing orders so you can reach the customer and request a different card if authorization is denied. For help recording customer information, refer to this help article.