Help: Installation or Setup

Employee creation

  1. To create an employee, click the Employees tab on your Office dashboard, then the Employees drop-down
  2. Click Create Employee
  3. Fill out the fields listed and create a password and pin for the new person. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long. Pin must be a 4-digit number.
  4. Assign the employee to whichever location(s) he/she works
  5. Assign the employee an existing Permission group by checking the box from the dropdown menu or create a new Permission group. This determines what functions they can perform on Instore. Learn about Permissions
  6. Input the employee’s hourly rate or rates if they have multiple titles
  7. Determine which emails the employee will receive from Instore, if any
  8. Click Save

Reminder that you’ll need to Download changes from Office on your Instore Settings for the employee to appear on the tablet.