Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Group Modifiers

When setting up Modifiers, there are a couple options you will want to configure to ensure the appropriate questions are being asked for accurate order taking. The settings below are a great starting place:
How Many – How many choices from the Modifier Group can be made on one item? For example, Unlimited allows your team members to select as many or as few modifiers as desired. Exactly or No more than can be used to make sure a forced modifier is added correctly or for up-selling. 

Takes Quantity – Can a customer order more than one of each Modifier? For example, a coffee shop may choose to have this activated for espresso extras, this will allow them to accommodate a customer who asks for 3 shots of espresso or 2 pumps of vanilla. A pizza restaurant can sell double pepperoni on a pizza.

Besides the above options, there are few more settings to be configured under the advanced options on the Group Modifier page. Here’s why you might want to turn these settings on.
Print removed default modifiers on order ticket

Items can have default Modifiers that when unchecked at the time of order will print out as a “NO”. This means you do not need to create a Modifier Group that allows you to remove options from an order. An example here is a salad that contains tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons, and blue cheese as default items. De-selecting any one of these will create a “NO _____” order ticket.

Print default on ticket

Remember that defaults are Modifiers that normally come with an Item. An example is a taco that comes with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. By turning this setting on, you are saying that you want these Modifiers to print to the kitchen. This is especially helpful for restaurants with new kitchen staff who are still learning how to prepare menu items.