Help: Installation or Setup

Importing data to Instore

When you first open your Instore account, one of the easiest ways to build out your menu/inventory is to use our Export/Import feature on the Items page. This allows you to  bulk upload using a spreadsheet rather than create items one by one. This feature is also useful when you need to add many new items to your Instore inventory or if you’d like to edit multiple items at once. To access:

  1. Navigate to Items/Items on your Office portal. If you have multiple locations, be sure to select the menu for the location you wish to import into
  2. Click the Export/Import button on this page
  3. Choose which action you want to take on the Export/Import page and follow the steps to generate a spreadsheet. We recommend using the Google Sheet option for smoother inventory upload and editing. You can alternatively download a .csv file and edit in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Numbers.

We’ll create the Google Sheet for you, which you can access by clicking on the blue sheet name on the Export/Import page once created. Be sure to name your spreadsheet something you’ll recognize for importing.

Importing inventory

When adding new inventory, each column in the upload sheet represents information we can import, including Category name/color, Item name/color/description, and size, among others. To create multiple sizes under the same item name, simply repeat the Category and Item name in multiple columns of the sheet, changing the Size name only.

If you’d like to add color to your Instore buttons, you can fill in the appropriate column on the spreadsheet. You will need to enter the color in Hexadecimal format, which is a string of letters/numbers. Here’s a quick guide to our standard colors with Hex values. For example, the string “ffe7ce” corresponds to the color orange.

After filling out your upload sheet, navigate back to the Export/Import page and click on the import icon next to the sheet you wish to import

Note: importing the same spreadsheet multiple times will create duplicates items in your Instore inventory.

Editing inventory

To edit your inventory, first filter down your Items page to just the items you wish to edit, perhaps a single category. We offer 3 editing workflows depending on what you are looking to change, including Items, Sizes, and Inventory levels.

Again, we recommend editing in Google Sheets to prevent mistakes. Once you have finished editing the exported spreadsheet, return to the Export/Import page and click on the import icon next to the spreadsheet in question.

The icon next to each spreadsheet will delete the sheet, preventing future imports. We recommend cleaning up (ie deleting) your sheets when done to avoid confusion. You can always re-export a section of your inventory for further editing.