Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Instore Rewards

Instore Rewards is a groundbreaking loyalty program designed to improve your relationship with customers and inspire them to spend more with you. As a merchant, you will enrich your customer database with customer contact information, stored credit and gift cards, and order history, all with minimal effort. You will enjoy delighted customers and more repeat visits.

To get started, simply activate Instore Rewards under your Office settings:

  1. Go to the Promotions area of your Office portal, then click Rewards
  2. After checking the box on the locations you want activated, pick the points you will award to customers for every dollar they spend. The default is one point per dollar. Note: if any of your locations are listed as “Ineligible”, contact Instore support for help.
  3. Decide if you want to award extra points for purchases made with a gift card. The default is two points per gift card dollar spent, as most merchants want to encourage more gift card spending. Order Instore gift cards here.
  4. Pick the point threshold above which customers receive Reward Credits. The default is 50 points.
  5. Pick the Reward Credit customers will receive after earning the point threshold. The default is $5 per 50 points. In other words, after a customer spends $50 with you in one or more transactions, they receive a $5 Reward Credit that is automatically deducted as a Discount on their next visit.
  6. Decide what information you want from customers on sign-up. Note that email or phone number is required, with other fields optional (mark as Show) unless you make them Required.
  7. Click the Save button to complete your edits, then click Download changes from Office on your store’s Instore tablets to synchronize the Rewards changes.

Once Instore Rewards is activated, customers can be identified by the credit card(s) they use, or ID themselves by phone or email. Click here to learn how to issue a Rewards card, which can also be used to identify a customer, but is not required.

Advertise your Rewards Program

A first time customer that pays with a credit card will be asked to sign up for Rewards after authorizing their payment on-screen, and their name will be pre-populated. The customer must provide an email address or phone number to participate, although you can request additional information if you’d like to enhance your customer database. If you do not point your iPads toward your customers, your employees can sign customers up by requesting their email address. Once signed up, customers will be recognized automatically every time they swipe their card.

Employees can also add a customer to an order if the customer forgets by navigating to the Orders tab, selecting the Paid Order, then clicking Add Customer.


A customer that pays with cash or another payment method can still sign up by clicking the Sign Up button on the post-payment Rewards flow.



Customers that aren’t identified automatically can search for their account by phone number or email address.


Printed and emailed receipts will provide a summary of a customer’s Rewards status, including any Reward Credits earned. Customers can opt out of emailed receipts by clicking on the Opt Out link on each receipt. Watch this short video for a demonstration.