Help: Hardware

Using an integrated scale

Instore supports integrated scales from Avery Brecknell, connected to the ELO PayPoint and PayPoint Plus all-in-one registers. To connect your scale to the PayPoint:

  1. Make sure you have the scale, PayPoint, power cables for both, RJ45 to DB9 serial cable that comes with the PayPoint, and the DB9 M/F Serial cable
  2. Connect both the scale and PayPoint to power using their power cables
  3. Connect the white RJ45 to DB9 cable to the PayPoint at the RJ45 port next to the power port underneath the register (note: there’s no DB9 port on the PayPoint so it’s easy to figure out which end goes where)
  4. Connect the DB9 side of the white cable to the DB9 M/F Serial cable. You may want to zip tie these cables together to keep the connection snug
  5. Connect the other end of the DB9 M/F Serial cable to the scale

To test the connected scale, you’ll need an item on your Instore software setup to “Sell by Weight”. When you select the item to add it to the Bill screen on Instore, a weight number pad pops up. You can either type in the weight of the item or touch “Weigh” at the top of the number pad to have the scale calculate the weight.