Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen Printer

Instore can print to multiple printers including printers located in your kitchen, bar, or prep area. We have integrations with both Epson and Star printers. Each printer must be connected to your network router via Ethernet cable in order to be found by Instore. Once connected, you can manage your printers in the settings area.

Instore can print kitchen receipts on both thermal and impact printers. Thermal printers are quieter and faster and can print both customer and kitchen receipts, while kitchen printers are larger and louder and can only print kitchen receipts. Kitchen printers use impact paper which does not become discolored when exposed to heat.

Order tickets can be set up to print automatically or on demand. On demand kitchen printing is available both at the top of the Bill screen as well as on the Orders tab.

You can turn off automatic receipt printing for you front counter and leave it on for your kitchen printer so your staff can see every order.