Help: Hardware

MagTek iDynamo Credit Card Reader

The MagTek iDynamo 5 Credit Card reader with MagneSafe™ Security Architecture is a PCI-compliant and iPad-enabled reader that works with Instore.


The iDynamo is powered through the iPad. It only uses power during a transaction. Since the iDynamo uses the charging port of the iPad, you can connect a micro-USB to USB cable that can plug into your iPad’s power supply.


The iDynamo 5 is connected directly into the Lightning charging port of your iPad. You can use the included MagTek black clips to secure the iDynamo to the iPad if you don’t have a stand that locks in the card reader.

The iDynamo can connect to any new iPad or iPad Mini. Note that older iPad models, including the iPad 2, are no longer compatible with the iDynamo 5.