Help: Troubleshooting

MagTek Dynamo Troubleshooting

If your Dynamo Credit Card Reader is not reading credit cards, the following steps help troubleshoot the issue:

  • After idle periods, the reader can fall asleep. If the reader has trouble waking up, completely close the Instore app from the iPad and reopen it. To close an iPad app, double click the home button then swipe upward on the app you want to close.
  • Confirm that the hardware connection between the reader and the iPad is valid. Go to your Instore Settings and select Connection Status. You should see the Dynamo listed with a Connected indicator. If the device is not listed or is showing Disconnected, there is likely a  connectivity problem between the reader and the iPad. Note that the problem may be with the iPad. You can test this by plugging the reader into another iPad and running the same test.
  • Clean the read head on the reader with a reader cleaning card. These are shaped like credit cards and soaked in cleaning fluid. They can be purchased at office supply stores,, and other online retailers. Head cleaning is a good maintenance step to perform regularly.
  • Make sure your Dynamo cable is not pulling on the reader when your stand is swiveled. This can be managed through cable management solutions. Our support team can make some recommendations here.
  • Download the Magtek Test application and open on your iPad with Dynamo connected. Swipe a card and see what data is pulled from the card. A healthy card reader should list 3 tracks of data with a lot of additional information.
  • Contact Magtek for additional troubleshooting help @ (651) 415-6800 or Most Magtek readers carry a one-year warranty. They are manufactured to handle 1 million lifetime swipes.

If you determine that your Dynamo Credit Card Reader is faulty, contact your credit card processor to order a replacement. Even while your Dynamo reader is broken, you can still manually enter credit card transactions until the reader is fixed or a replacement arrives.