Help: Installation or Setup

Online Ordering

Instore offers integrated online ordering through Zuppler, a partner that can build a custom-branded, mobile-optimized web page for your business. Zuppler can build from scratch or simply add a page to your existing website. They can also create a personalized online ordering app. To learn more, schedule a demo with Zuppler here.

Once your Zuppler account is activated, follow these steps to connect it to Instore:

  1. Decide which Instore tablet will receive your online orders. You can only pick one, and ideally it is not tied up with in-store orders.
  2. On your online ordering tablet, touch the Settings gear on Instore, then turn on the Process incoming online orders switch.
  3. While on this screen, you’ll also want to touching the Printing button to select which printer these orders will print to.

Your online orders will now print automatically to the selected printer and an alert will be visible on your ordering tablet when a new order is received.

You can view online orders alongside your other orders on the Orders tab.