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Open Tabs

Instore allows you to open tabs for customers, swiping a credit card to start a tab, then storing that swipe for payment when the tab is ready to be closed. Similar to our Delayed Processing feature, we can’t guarantee authorization on the payment until the tab is closed. Merchants are solely responsible for failed/declined processing.

To use Open Tabs,

  1. Swipe a credit card from the Instore Bill screen. The customer name will appear in the Customer database on the lefthand pane. Touch Start tab.
  2. Add items to the order as you’d normally do. You’ll see a tab confirmation at the bottom of the order with the stored payment data.
  3. You can easily find open tabs within Held orders on the Orders screen. Note that you can sort this list by Newest, Oldest, First name, and Last name to quickly find the tab. Tabs can also be looked up in the Customer Database, searching by customer name.
  4. To close the tab, find it on the Orders screen, touch the tab to bring it back to the Bill screen, then touch Pay. Close tab (with the card’s last 4 digits) will be listed as an available payment method. Touch the Close tab button to initiate payment, including tip flow.

If payment fails on your open tab, you can either retry the payment later or discard it and use a different payment method.

Merchants are solely responsible for failed/declined processing.