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Payment Method Restrictions

Instore allows you to restrict which payment methods are possible on your register. Specifically, you can prevent access to Cash as a payment method as well as Other payment methods. If you allow customers to order on your Instore register directly, without supervision, you might consider using these restrictions to ensure you get paid for every order. Or you might have certain employees you don’t want using certain payment methods.

To restrict payment methods,

  1. On your Office portal, navigate to Settings/Locations and select a location. Next to Pinpad settings, click the Customize button. In the Orders section of Pinpad settings, turn the Pinpad On for any payment method you want to restrict. In the example below, the Pinpad has been turned on for accepting other payment methods and accepting cash.
  2. Navigate to Employees/Permission Groups on Office. Click on a Permission Group you’d like to restrict. In the Orders section of the Permission Group, uncheck the box next to payment methods you don’t want that group of employees to access.
  3. As with any Office changes, be sure to Download changes from Office on your Instore tablets to pull the changes down to Instore.