Help: Troubleshooting

Elo PayPoint troubleshooting

If you are using Instore with an Elo PayPoint device, you may experience some of the following issues:

Instore doesn’t recognize PayPoint

When your Instore app doesn’t recognize its connection to the PayPoint, generally the quickest fix is to force close Instore (double-click the iPad’s Home button then swipe upward on the Instore app) then relaunch the Instore app by touching its app icon. As a reminder, you will hear a series of tones on the iPad when a connection is valid.

If a force close doesn’t work, unplug the PayPoint, release the iPad from the PayPoint by unscrewing the connection port below the iPad Home button and pulling the white connection port out, plug the PayPoint back in, then snap the white connection port back in. Rebooting the iPad is also advised with this step.

To prevent future disconnects, make sure your iPad has the USB Accessories switch turned on (green). This switch is located under your iPad Settings/Touch ID & Passcode.

PayPoint firmware update

From time to time, the PayPoint firmware becomes out of date, creating strange behavior on the device. The most common form of strange behavior is a non-responsive card swiper.

To update your PayPoint’s firmware,

  1. Force close your Instore app
  2. Launch the Elo PayPoint Framework app. If you don’t have the app on your iPad already, download it from the Apple App Store
  3. Confirm that the Framework app shows Connected in the top right, then click MoreAdvance, then Check for update.
  4. The app will search for available updates. Note that you can update to the latest version (generally recommended) or backdate to a previous firmware version if the latest version is not working properly. You can confirm the version you are updating to by clicking the version number (10.11 in the example below). After confirming the version you want to update, click Confirm. This update should take about 20 seconds. If yours is taking longer, reboot your iPad and restart the update  process.
  5. After the firmware updates, you’ll see a notification that “Firmware Updated successfully”.
  6. Force close the Elo Framework app, launch Instore (listening for the connection sounds), then test card swiping and any other PayPoint features that were previously not working properly. NOTE: when both the Elo app and Instore are open at the same time, the iPad will get confused as to which app to use. Close the app you are not using.
  7. If the above update doesn’t work, try down-dating your Elo firmware to an earlier version (such as 10.09 in the example above).