Help: Installation or Setup

Setting up permissions

Instore permissions are controlled at both the location level and the employee level, with all settings on the Office portal. Determine which actions on your Instore tablet(s) require a Pinpad, then create employee Permission Groups granting or restricting access to the Pinpad in these areas.

Location Permissions (where to require the PinPad)
On Office, navigate to Settings/Locations, then select the location you wish to edit. You’ll see a Customize button toward the bottom of the location edit screen next to Pinpad settings. Here you can customize your Pinpad, with most actions listed allowing you to turn the Pinpad 1) Off, 2) On, or 3) On with notes. The last option will record reasons for those actions, such as why a refund took place.

If you choose our “Pin in first” workflow, you can skip Pinpad settings and just focus on Permission Groups.

Permission Groups (who gets to do what)
After setting your location permissions, you can establish and assign permission groups that determine which employees can use their Pin to perform certain actions on Instore.  Navigate to Employees/Permission Groups, then create a permission group, checking blue boxes for the permissions that you want that group of employees to have access to. For example, if you want to allow an employee to be able to Clear an order, check the Order clear/unclear checkbox then save that permission group. After creating one or more permission groups, you can assign the group (and included permissions) to  specific employees.

Finally, note that you can duplicate a permission group by opening the group then clicking Save & Duplicate at the bottom. You can then edit the duplicated group and rename it. This will save time when setting up permissions across your entire employee base.