Help: Troubleshooting

Printer troubleshooting

If your printers does not connect or stay connected to your iPad(s) reliably, try the following troubleshooting steps.

    1. Confirm you are using one of Instore’s supported printer models, listed here.
    2. Make sure both the power cable and ethernet cable of your printer are firmly plugged into their respective outlets.
    3. Instore connects to your printer(s) through your internet router. Make sure the router is error-free and powered-on. Also make sure that the iPad is connected to the same network as the router. You can confirm this by checking the IP addresses on both devices. The iPad’s IP address is viewable by going to Instore Settings/Connection status, right above Installed Printers. The printer’s IP address is viewable on the printer diagnostic printout. To generate this sheet, turn off your printer, then turn on with the Feed button held down for several seconds. The resulting diagnostic contains an IP address field. The first 3 numbers of the 4 number IP address should match on both the iPad and printer. Example: 192.168.10.xx and 192.168.10.yy.
    4. Make sure your iPad(s) are not hopping off your printer network. To do this, under iPad Settings/Wi-Fi, select the Ask to Join Networks switch at the bottom. Make sure it is green. If you see any networks listed that the iPad has connected to, touch the blue (i) to the right of the network name and then Forget This Network.
    5. Try and connect your printer to the testing applications made by Star or Epson. Both are available free in the Apple App Store. If your printer can’t connect to one of these applications, you may have a defective printer or network. You can contact Star customer support at (848) 216-3305 ext 995 and Epson at (562)-276-1314 ext 3.
    6. Simplify your network setup. This involves connecting your Internet modem to a wireless router restored to factory settings. When customers have printer problems, they are often related to network complexity, including using highly-configured routers provided by their broadband providers.

No Host connection or not obtaining an IP address can occur for many reasons. Some common causes of the issue are:

  • The printer is not physically connected to the network.
  • An ethernet cable or network device is defective.
  • The network is having trouble communicating with the printer due to configuration issues.
The troubleshooting steps below apply to the following printer models:
Printer model Network Issue Behavior
Star Micronics TSP100 Ready light blinks and prints a receipt with the words “No HostConnection.”
Star Micronics SP700 The ready light and error light blink simultaneously.
Epson TM-T20-ii Prints a receipt with an IP address of and DHCP shows No Server.
Epson TM-U220B Prints a receipt with an IP address of and DHCP shows No Server.
Epson TM-L90 Hold down button on the back of the printer next to the ethernet port for 3 seconds.
Epson TM-T88V-i Prints a receipt with the word “DHCP client start. Please wait until IP address is printed.”
Recommended Troubleshooting steps:
  1. Power the printer off/on to refresh the printer’s network info.
  2. Ensure all network devices such as modems, router and switches are powered on.
  3. Check the ethernet cable between the printer and network router for any damage or loose connection.
  4. If possible, try swapping the Ethernet cable with a known-good cable or temporarily install the printer where another printer is already working properly.
  5. If the issue affects multiple printers or the printer is detected by talech and will not test-print in the register application, consult with an IT professional to ensure the network is configured properly

If you are still having trouble with your printers, please contact our support team at 855-568-3696. We may recommend a visit from a network professional who can troubleshoot your network in person.