Help: Training

Processing refunds

  1. To process a refund, touch the Order button on the top left, locate the paid order, and open the order by touching the specific order bar.
  2. With the paid order open, touch the Refund button at the top of the order. You will need to identify yourself by finding your name on the employee list that pops up, selecting your name, and entering your pin code.
  3. You can refund the entire order, a single order line, or the tip on an order.
  4. After Instore processes the refund, it will display the amount of the refund.
  5. If a cash refund, refund the cash from the cash drawer and touch the Refund complete button.

Mercury customers take note: credit card transactions on Mercury must be refunded same day, before batch close. If you are a Mercury customer and need to refund a credit card order after its batch has been closed, you will need to do so in cash. Mercury can refund a previous batch order for you by phone or on their merchant portal.