Quickstart Guide

  1. Create an account and follow our guided setup

    Go to www.instoredoes.com and click “Sign up” to create your first store. After entering your store details, Instore will attempt to import your menu if it already exists on FourSquare. Alternatively, you can build it out from scratch later in the setup process.

  2. Send yourself a link to the Instore app

    Once your initial setup is complete, click to receive an email that, when opened on your iPad, will help you install the Instore application on the tablet if you haven't done so already.

  3. Extend Instore

    Touch any of the 3 options at the bottom of the screen to learn more about Instore's features. You can also edit your Owner profile and add staff to your store.

  4. Create your menu

    If your menu has not been imported from FourSquare, go to the Menu area found at the left side of the screen. Create your first category by clicking . Then, create an item by clicking For guidance, you can firstLearn about creating a good menu.

  5. Add taxes

    Within Menus, click and then and input a tax name and amount.

  6. Sign up for credit card processing

    Contact Jamie Hodge at Mercury Payments to set up your merchant account and receive a free iDynamo card reader. Call Jamie at (970) 335-4811 or email her at jhodge@mercurypay.com

  7. Connect your credit card reader

    When your credit card reader arrives in the mail, plug your reader into the iPad 30-pin or Lightning connector (depending on your iPad model). We recommend using an iPad stand to secure your iPad. If you have not yet received a card reader, you can input cards manually.

  8. Connect your receipt printer

    If you like, connect a Star TSP100 series printer to Instore. Connect your printer to your wireless router with an ethernet cable. Then within Instore, touch the Settings gear on the lower left of the application and touch Printers to search for a printer.

  9. Connect your cash drawer

    If you purchased a cash drawer, you can connect it to your printer with the cable supplied or with an APG MultiPRO cable.

  10. Get help

    Within your online dashboard go to the help area by clicking the ? at the bottom left of the screen. You can search for articles or submit messages to us. You can also email us at help@instoredoes.com.

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