Help: Hardware

Receipt printers

Instore is compatible with a variety of Epson and Star Micronics thermal and impact printers. Specific models can be found on our hardware portal. Make sure your printer is Ethernet-ready, as USB printers are not compatible with Instore. We offer a limited number of WiFi and Bluetooth models, but encourage Ethernet cable connections when at all possible.

A thermal printer is appropriate for most use cases, except where heat makes the impact paper necessary. You can connect as many wireless printers as you have ports on your network router.

  1. To connect your printer to your iPad, attach the printer to your wireless router with an Ethernet cable, using the 100/10 Base Port port on the back of the printer.
  2. Ensure that your iPad is wirelessly connected to the same network as the printer AND that your printer has receipt paper installed.
  3. Plug the printer in and turn it on from the switch on the left side.
  4. Within Instore, touch the Settings gear on the lower left of the application, then touch Printers.
  5. Instore will search for connected printers. Once discovered, select the printer you will be using and touch Use this printer. You can Print a test page to confirm the connection.

If Instore cannot find your printer, run a diagnostic by turning off the printer, then turning it on while holding down the Feed button. The paper that comes out will display an IP address. Confirm that the first 3 numbers of this address match those on your iPad (viewable under Instore Settings/Connection status). For example, a printer with the IP address can connect to an iPad with 192.168.10.__ as the first 3 numbers of its IP address. If these addresses differ, your iPad is likely on the wrong network or network branch. If the printer diagnostic returns as the IP address, it is not connected, suggesting a bad cable or a problem with your network. Reboot your printer and router together to try and fix.

Once connected, you can Tap to edit name: and rename your printer (eg “Kitchen” or “Bar”), as well as turn on Automatic customer receipts which print every time or turn on Automatic kitchen receipts to print kitchen-style receipts on every order. When either of these settings is switched Off, you can still print orders as necessary by hitting the Print button on the bill screen or after receiving payment.

When a printer is connected, the word Ready will appear at the top of the Printers tab next to the printer name. If Unplugged appears instead, repeat the steps above to connect it properly.

If this article doesn’t resolve any printing issues, contact Instore support at 855 568 3696.

You can add multiple printers to your store by attaching each printer to your network router and adding them to your iPad — you can even set up a kitchen printer.