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Servers (or Cashiers) Report

The Servers Report is available on the Instore app under the   button. This report provides employee-level reporting, and is helpful for businesses that track sales and tips by employee.

Use the Servers Report when you need to close out a server’s shift, making sure open tables are closed or transferred and tips have been added. The report will summarize Closing cash (which assumes the server has kept their own bank) as well as Total tips (if servers cash out into a separate cash drawer). Note that you can quickly close out the night by running multiple Server Reports at once. You can also breakout specific menu categories on the report for help with tipping out bartenders, bussers, etc. To break out one or more categories, navigate to Items/Categories on Office and select Yes on Break out on server report.

Here’s a sample Servers Report:

To run the Servers Report:

  1. Touch the Cash Management button on Instore
  2. Touch the Servers button
  3. Select one or more servers to report on. Instore will summarize any Held (still open) orders as well as any Untipped orders by server so you can fix those orders before running the report
  4. Pick a Start and Stop time for the report (the default is Today)
  5. Touch Print summary and enter your PIN code
  6. You can either print the report to an attached receipt printer or Print to screen for digital viewing
  7. If you print a summary before all orders for that server have been closed and tips added, you can reprint after fixing these orders

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