Help: Installation or Setup

Setting location-level taxes

Location taxes are the main way to set a tax rate for your business. You can add multiple tax rates to a location.

Location level taxes determine the sales tax added to each item on the bill, unless the item has an item-level tax rate set.

  1. To set location-level taxes, go to the Settings tab in Office and click Locations
  2. Click Edit on the location name you wish to set, then Add Location Tax
  3. Input a Tax Name and Amount for the tax.
  4. You can add multiple taxes clicking Add Tax Rate again.

With this feature, you can separate out state and local taxes for reporting purposes. For example, state sales tax in California is 7.25%; San Francisco city tax is 1.25%. By setting them up separately, your customers will be charged the aggregate 8.5% sales tax while you can track both taxes separately.